Liminal Pathways System


We provide a unique combination of frameworks, carefully designed tools, leadership coaching, workshops, experiential learning and self-development materials to increase your change competencies.

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The Liminal Pathways Change Framework™ (LPF)  and the Seven Challenges of Change provide the foundation for the Liminal Pathways System.

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Our Pathways Through Change, Designing & Leading Change and Visionary Leadership: Resiliency in Uncertain Times help you grow your change capabilities by working on your own change challenge.

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Leadership Coaching & Consulting

We offer coaching and consulting for leaders,  teams and organizations wanting support in realizing transformational change.

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The Liminal Pathways Study and Visual Consulting: Designing & Leading Change provide rich insights and approaches for anyone facing personal, professional or organization change.

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New! The Liminal Pathways Study

The Liminal Pathways Study examines the Liminal Pathways Change Framework™ (LPF), which is grounded in ancient wisdom and modern perspectives and mirrors the complex ambiguity of actual, transformational change.

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A System to Support the Full Cycle of Change

Enabling positive change is fundamentally about recognizing that we are relational human beings with bodies, minds, hearts and spirit, and living within larger contexts that are constantly evolving.

To adapt and make the most of the change coming at us requires more than setting goals, planning, and execution. It requires inner work and growing our capacity to respond increasingly more skillfully. 

Gisela Wendling and David Sibbet have integrated The Liminal Pathways Change Framework with The Grove’s foundational methods and tools to fully support the inner and outer dimensions of change work.

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Praise for the Liminal Pathways Study

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“Dr. Gisela Wendling is a visionary voice in the field of transformational change. A long-standing leader in the field of personal and collective evolution and organizational development, her latest work breaks new and tremendously subtle ground in helping us understand the universal dynamics of any change process and how to support and amplify natural capacities for growth and development. Her work on studying and explicating liminal pathways provides the missing link in complexity theory and systems thinking as leaders strive to address increasing ambiguity and an exaggerated rate of change.”

Amy Elizabeth Fox

Chief Executive Officer, Mobius Executive Leadership

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“In The Liminal Pathways Study, Dr. Gisela Wendling offers us a reality-based, human- centric frame for understanding and thriving in our world of colliding existential crises. I am particularly grateful for Wendling’s insightful explorations of rites of passage and crucible spaces—critical concepts for transformational change. These and other insights from Wendling’s new book are sure to advance the practice in the field of organizational and community change.”

John Kania

Executive Director, Collective Change Lab, Inc.

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“Once I started, I couldn’t stop reading; the book weaves theory and story into a rich tapestry of possibility. This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in supporting emergent change processes in complex situations. Like all the best models, there is a beguiling simplicity to the Liminal Pathways Framework that can open the door to a lifetime of study and practice.”

Gervase R. Bushe Ph.D

Professor of Leadership and Organization Development, Simon Fraser University and author of The Dynamics of Generative Change.


One of our expert consultants will discuss your challenges and craft a unique solution from our suite of services and tools.