We've been in the business of helping clients innovate for more than forty years. Along the way, we’ve created a broad range of print and digital tools. Use our visual frameworks, best practices and supplies to facilitate dynamic meetings, improve team effectiveness and embark on organizational or personal change.

Our approach is rooted in creating panoramic, interactive graphic environments that foster innovation, collaboration and action. Our services and products support organizations and teams to envision and achieve change.

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Grove Tools

Grove Tools, Inc. distributes The Grove's time-tested templates and best practices for meeting facilitation, team improvement, and visual strategic planning. Founded in 2014, it is led by Thom and Julia Sibbet in close partnership with David Sibbet and The Grove Consultants International.

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The Liminal Pathways Study

The Liminal Pathways Study explores the efficacy of the Wendling Liminal Pathways Change Framework™ and how the idea of the liminal opens new ways of contemplating and practicing transformational change. It is written for curious practitioners, experienced change leaders and those new to change work.

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