About David Sibbet

Founder of The Grove 

Beginning in 1977, David Sibbet has been an organizational consultant and information designer. He is the author of John Wiley & Sons’ four-volume Visual Facilitation Series as well as many of The Grove’s leading-edge group-process tools and models for facilitation, team leadership and organizational transformation. He frequently lends his coaching and design expertise to Grove project teams.

His practice was informed by eight years of public affairs leadership development with the Coro Northern California Center for Civic Leadership. He holds a master’s degree from Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and a B.A. in literature from Occidental College. In 2013, he was awarded a lifetime achievement award from the Organizational Development Network.

He shares his extensive knowledge and experience with The Grove team under the leadership of Gisela Wendling, Ph.D., his long-time colleague and spouse.

He also supports visionary leaders and practitioners on a more individual basis, in between creative projects. 

David currently works from his home studio in Petaluma, California. He is president of California Poets in the Schools and on the board of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners Institute.

Current Projects

In 2024, David retired from organizational consulting and facilitation and shifted his focus and creative energy to writing, product development and supporting The Grove's consulting team and partner network.

David's desire is to bring forward the theories and methods that underlie The Grove’s important contributions over the years. He is working on a new book about sustainable organizations and the seven archetypes for achieving coherence and lasting impact.

He is excited to share the accumulated insights he has gained developing tools in the field of organization development and to support a new generation of practitioners, starting with the interactive exchange The Team Performance System™: Origins & Theory. .

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David’s Work

To understand more about David’s current work, visit his personal website. There you will find blog postings, downloadable articles and videos. 


David's Website
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The Team Performance System™: Origins & Theory

Join David Sibbet on May 29, 2024 for an interactive exchange that explores the reasons this system is now a standard in the field.


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David Sibbet on The Grove's Operating System

Learn more about the inspiration behind what came to be the basis for The Grove’s operating system.


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