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We offer a range of courses that teach visual meetings, team development, strategic planning and leading change. In these hands-on sessions, participants practice using our visual tools and methodologies. 

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Suggestions for Those New to The Grove

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Visual Meetings

We currently recommend Facilitating Virtual Collaboration Workshop to learn creative, visual practices for virtual meetings. 

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Team Effectiveness

Our online Team Performance Workshop is a one-stop shop to learn our system for assessing and improving teams.

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Visioning & Strategy

Our online Strategic Visioning Workshop teaches a visual, templated method for strategic planning.

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Our Visionary Leadership: Resiliency in Uncertain Times explores approaches for times of volatile change. 

“The courses I have taken from The Grove have been career changers. I absolutely value them.”

Heather Martinez
Visual Practitioner and Lettering Artist


“The Grove approach—the tools, frameworks, and principles—is simple in construct yet highly effective in accomplishing the goals of bringing people and ideas together, ensuring each voice is honored, and moving any group forward collaboratively. It is through the live teaching that one learns the powerful techniques with which to leverage these tools.”

Carol F. Lee
Director of Strategic Initiatives, University of Texas at Austin

Our Courses Draw From a Series of Visual Facilitation Books

Additional books and do-it-yourself tools are introduced in our courses.
You can find many of these at Grove Tools, Inc.

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