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Principles of Graphic Facilitation

Support In-Person Meetings With Visual Practices 

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Prerequisite: None.

LOCATION: The Presidio of San Francisco, CA

Date TBD | 9:00am–5:00pm Pacific Time

We are unable to offer this in-person workshop right now. Please join the waitlist if you would like us to contact you when this course becomes available again.


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“I came back from your Principles of Graphic Facilitation workshop energized and with a pack full of skills (and resources) and a wonderful support group. I wanted to tell you that it has been among the best workshops I have ever attended: great design, great trainer/facilitator, great materials, and very practical. In fact, I am putting my new skills into practice right now.

Sylvia Vriesendorp
Institutional Development Specialist,
Management Sciences for Health


In this beginner course you will learn how to facilitate groups and support their work using large-scale graphic displays to help them clarify and achieve their meeting outcomes. We take you step-by-step through graphic recording fundamentals, teach you essential facilitation methods, and help you combine the two as you practice graphic facilitation in small-group settings throughout the workshop.


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This Course Is for You If:

  • You facilitate groups and want to include visual support in your repertoire.
  • You are a graphic recorder who wants to transition to graphic facilitation.
  • You love working with groups and want to explore a possible new career as a graphic facilitator.
  • You find yourself in a lot of meetings and want to be able to make them more engaging and effective.


Learning Objectives:

  • Practice the core skills of graphic recording, including public listening of dialogue in real time, lettering, and fundamental drawing skills, such as basic icons and images.
  • Learn to envision the structure of a wall chart before you even begin recording.
  • Gain understanding of the seven graphic formats that can be used and combined to plan and create structures for large-format displays.
  • Learn and practice working with frameworks to help you diagnose what the group needs next so you can flex your facilitation with its changing needs.
  • Learn activities to support a group’s outcomes and weave them together into an effective agenda design for an upcoming meeting of your own.
  • Learn how to extend the effectiveness of your meetings and ensure the group can follow up on its decisions with creative, visual meeting documentation.
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What This Course Is Like:

  • Led by one expert course leader/facilitator.
  • Provides a supportive environment with a limited number of participants.
  • Filled with examples and case stories from the workshop leader that will help you connect what you are learning to your own work.
  • Coaching and feedback to help you improve as you practice what you learn.
  • Your workshop kit includes three Grove manuals packed with tips and best practices for visual facilitation, a practice workbook to build your lettering and drawing skills, and a set of markers.

This Course Is Currently Unavailable

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