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Visionary Leadership in Uncertain Times

Connect With Your Personal Vision for Change

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ONLINE WORKSHOP | Three 4.5-hour sessions in 1 week
Prerequisite: None

$2400 (20% Discount for Nonprofits)

TBD | 10:00am–1:30pm Pacific Time

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“The overall experience of the workshop, interactions with David and Gisela and the other participants, and the opportunity to reflect and readjust was truly transformative for me. I expected a masterfully facilitated workshop and I got it. This has allowed me to ‘let go’ and simultaneously bring greater leadership into my current responsibilities and better focus in working toward new opportunities.”

Suzie Convery
Western Center for Law


Visionary Leadership in Uncertain Times is a creative, participatory workshop for organizational leaders, process leaders, and facilitators who want to connect with your own leadership vision and deeply rethink what it means to be a leader during times of uncertainty and rapid change. The Grove Founder, David Sibbet and Gisela Wendling, Ph.D, introduce an archetypal change model and explore how opening to uncertainty and cultivating empathy for themselves and the people you serve can transform your responses to change. The laboratory environment also provides opportunities for you to learn about how to creatively frame the change challenges you face, pivot to being learning leaders, and learn to hold a visionary direction while being open to co-creation and emergent solutions.


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This Course Is for You If:

  • You are a process leader or consultant who wants to learn how to design and create true learning environments as a way of leading.
  • You are an organizational leader feeling a pull to connect to your personal vision coming out of this COVID time.
  • You are a facilitator interested in the underlying dynamics of change as reflected in your own experience, and would like to learn time tested practices for navigating through the “in between” stages.


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn a Liminal Pathways Framework that helps you quickly understand the arc of change, assess where you are located on that arc, and how to anticipate what is needed next.
  • Practice skills for self-grounding, framing opportunities, asking for help, and normalizing uncertainty.
  • Connect to north-star visions to identify and guide plans while holding space for contribution and evolution of ideas.
  • Appreciate your own responses to uncertainty through the lenses of the neuropsychology of collaboration.
  • Learn practices for listening, transparency, empathy, honesty, and other affirming qualities.
  • Guide generative conversations that support insight and alignment.
  • Use powerful visual and verbal metaphors to frame topics and guide activities.
  • Use your voice and presence to project confidence in virtual environments.
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What This Course Is Like:

  • Led by Gisela Wendling, Ph.D., and David Sibbet, who together bring more than seven decades of experience working with leaders to support organizational, social and environmental change.
  • Provides a safe and confidential learning space for personal reflection and exploration.
  • Workshop leaders will model leading in the virtual space using visual tools to support group connection.


Of Special Note:

  • This is a live course and the sessions are not recorded.
  • No special equipment is required other than the ability to connect to a web meeting.
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