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Standing Like a Mountain: Finding Your Core Strength as a Leader leadership organization change social change visualization


Author: David Sibbet


As the sun rose over the south shoulder of Mt. Shasta on the fourth morning of my vision quest solo, I found myself doing the “Standing Like a Mountain” pose. The theme of constancy in the face of change emerged as a big takeaway from days of reflection, and I would like to share some of that thinking.

Shasta felt almost like a partner on this quest, as my purpose circle looked directly across a large meadow and up to the peak. On the last night...

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Mapping Social Messes: A GLEN Exchange with Bob Horn social change visualization

Recently Stanford scholar Bob Horn, longtime friend of The Grove and fellow pioneer in visual thinking, led a GLEN Exchange * introducing his “mess mapping” process for exploring social messes and their causes. Author of Visual Language: Global Communication for the 21st Century, he is a specialist in mapping complex social problems. Currently, he is writing a book called The Little Book of Wicked Problems and Social Messes.

In mess mapping, a group of diverse stakeholders tackles...

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