The GLEN Becomes a Non-Profit

global learning the glen virtual collaboration Oct 21, 2019



For three years, The Grove has supported the creation of a Global Learning & Exchange Network, or The GLEN, to promote evolving the art and practice of collaboration across disciplines, organizations, and cultures to better face the problems of our times. This learning community has been growing steadily, currently boasting 80 members worldwide. Grove workshop graduates, consultants, facilitators, artists, and activists from around the world are members. We are happy to announce that as of this month, The GLEN is a non-profit organization, administered through Inquiring Systems in Sonoma, CA.

There are several reasons for this shift.

1. The GLEN supports social and environmental action projects that represent learning and development opportunities for members and a non-profit structure to manage funding for some of these. 

2. The GLEN will begin soliciting donor help for scholarships for younger practitioners and others who cannot afford the $1,500 annual membership contribution. Our GLEN members are very intent on embodying real diversity in the membership and will need this kind of support to achieve this.

3. Many of the social and environmental action organizations, consultants and supporters that we are networking with would prefer to be associated with a not-for-profit entity.

4. The GLEN will begin seeking philanthropic help to support the production and distribution of some of the tools and methods that are emerging from the many online and face-to-face programs and collaborations. Work on the neuropsychology of collaboration, navigating uncertainty—rites of passages for a new time, and wise leadership are all in a position to begin sharing.

The Grove will continue to support this learning network on a less formal, consultative basis. Gisela Wendling, The Grove’s VP of global learning, is formally The GLEN executive director. She informally co-directs with David Sibbet, CEO and founder of The Grove.



Inquiries and donations are very welcome. If you are interested in more information, please visit us at

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