An Interactive Exchange with David Sibbet

The Grove’s Strategic Visioning™: Origins & Theory

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ONLINE | One 1.5-hour session

August 8, 2024
9:00am–10:30am PDT


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“DLR Group’s vision that we develop every five years with The Grove is our roadmap. Everyone needs one. Some companies give you a roadmap. Others, like ours, co-develop it with our employee owners. We call it our North Star. It’s aspirational, and our vision has led us to be consistently bold over 25 years of steady growth. I believe failing to be bold is worse than failure while being bold.”

Griff Davenport

CEO and chairman of the board of the DLR Group, a leading engineering and design firm

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Join David Sibbet for an exploration of the origins of our approach to supporting visionary leaders with our Strategic Visioning methods. He will provide insight into this innovation and the reasons that the graphic templates associated with this process are go-to resources for strategy consultants and facilitators.

This session will address:

  • The roots of The Grove’s strategy work in Arthur M. Young’s Theory and Rob Eskridge’s Growth Management Process
  • The integration of the Four Flows of Process with our strategy approach
  • The power of active imagination and generative images
  • The alignment of individual and collective visionsThe creation of strategy ownership through highly participatory engagement
  • The transformation of our approach to strategy development through working digitally
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More About Our Strategic Visioning System

The 1990s in the San Francisco Bay Area was a roller-coaster ride on the accelerating application of the Internet to organizations. Startups were propagating like desert flowers after a rain, and larger organizations were re-engineering themselves to make use of the new technologies.

The Grove had been doing strategy work during the 1980s and began developing graphic templates with our colleague Rob Eskridge. The amount of work coming in during the 1990s invited a real investment in our approach. A team inside The Grove composed of Ed Claassen, Kayla Kirsch, Tomi Nagai Roth, and David Sibbet, supported by Bobby Pardini our production guru, began developing large graphic templates that could be reproduced by silk screening.

Before the decade was over, Hewlett Packard brought forward large inkjet printers that could produce the charts. Work with Hewlett Packard Labs, which was eager to use the HP printers, accelerated our confidence in the process. They ultimately asked us to train their consulting group in the use of the templates.

Our Strategic Visioning (SV) figure-eight model grew out of the Theory of Process and our facilitation experience. 

During the 2000s and especially the pandemic years, we moved steadily into leadership development, realizing that visionary leadership was required in uncertain times. The SV approach began to include the Liminal Pathways work of Gisela Wendling.

Strategic Visioning System: Origins & Theory

Aug 8, 2024
9:00am–10:30am PST