The Grove’s Strategic Visioning Model

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A Pathway To Aligned Action for Groups & Organizations

The Grove’s Strategic Visioning™ Process engages an entire organization in combining its best hindsight and foresight in aligned action. It uses graphic templates, or Graphic Guides®, to step groups through the development of traditional strategic analysis, creative visioning work, focused action planning, and organization-communications design.

The Grove’s Strategic Visioning™ Model illustrates an optimal path through these activities and, like other Grove tools, invites variations and improvisation.

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This Model Supports Our Work In: Visioning & Strategy

Strategic Visioning is The Grove's flexible methodology for visually aided strategic analysis. We design and facilitate sessions tailored to your needs, delivering a shared vision and goals for your organization in a matter of days—either in person or virtually. 

More About Strategic Visioning
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Learn About This Model in Our: Strategic Visioning Workshop

In this workshop you will learn the Strategic Visioning Model and become prepared to lead this template-based process. Bring together the best thinking of a whole organization, department, or team to restart, grow and thrive.

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Read About This Model In: Visual Leaders by David Sibbet

Learn how visual practitioners and leaders can use applied design thinking to foster engagement and align entire organizations on new plans.




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