Leading Systemic Change

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We Go Beyond Strategy To Guide Organizations Through the Complete Cycle of Change

The Grove helps stakeholders from across your organization make sense of complexities and uncertainties that any organizational shift brings. Through our collaborative methods we help you: 

  • develop an organization-wide change strategy
  • renew an organization’s work culture
  • improve cross-functional alignment and productivity
  • coordinate implementation for transformation
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A Tailored Approach

We begin by learning about the resources and capabilities you already have and by forming a Grove team that will compliment them. Our seasoned consultants and partners work in person and virtually over the course of months to support change at any level or function within your organization. Our approach is highly customized in response to your unique situation.

With input from leadership, internal consultants and stakeholders from across your organization, we co-design an holistic change process. This includes meetings, asynchronous data gathering, and visuals that help galvanize forward movement. Whatever the need, our solutions ignite innovative idea generation and a possibility mindset.

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Clients Learn To Adapt to Emerging Insights  

We educate your organization in the Wendling Liminal Pathways Change Framework™ and The Seven Challenges of Change model and work through the stages together. As work progresses and new organizational narratives take hold, we help you navigate challenges and opportunities as they arise. 

Change always stimulates resistance, but it can be transformed to buy-in and excitement when people are listened to and integrally involved in shaping the outcomes. We constantly forge new networks of collaboration among organizational members to move the designed systemic changes into real action. This takes place as people connect in well-facilitated meetings, and can see their progress in the trail of visually documented outputs. 

Strategic change in organizations is about changing people’s behavior and attitudes as much as it is about changing processes and procedures. In order to successfully facilitate change, you need a process that is both blame-free and cognizant of the mental struggle of letting go and finding ways to do things better. The unique support you get from The Grove is an intentional process in which people are engaged from the bottom up and can consider both their fears and their dreams, which allows them to let go of old practices and embrace, own, and get excited about the change.

Dr. Erik Rolland
President, University of the Bahamas

Sample Projects

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Case Study: Cal Poly Pomona

A college of six academic departments and more than 5,000 students needed to undertake a visioning and culture-change process to address silos and open up opportunities for innovation.

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Case Study: Metropolitan Council for the Twin Cities of Minnesota 

The Grove engaged in a yearlong project focused on building internal process-leadership capability.

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Case Study: UC Merced

Driven by economics and demand, the University of California’s newest campus was expected to double in size by 2020 with no fewer than 72 change projects underway.


Additional Resources

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Immersive Learning: Leading Change Program

Expand your capacity to design, lead, facilitate and support transformational processes across all phases of systemic change. Join Gisela Wendling and David Sibbet to learn more about this immersive action learning program. 

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Workshop: Designing & Leading Change

Working with your own organizational change challenge, you will emerge from this highly interactive workshop with a process design and a range of proven intervention methods that will lead to success for your client or organization.

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Visual Consulting by David Sibbet and Gisela Wendling, Ph.D.

For people who face any kind of organizational or community change, Visual Consulting shows how visual practice can combine with dialogue and change methods to get more creative and sustainable results.


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