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Florida, United States
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Illustrious helps executives and business owners move from complexity and fatigue to clarity and accountability using human-driven and visually powered transformation.

Founder Joran Oppelt is an international speaker, author and consultant with certifications in coaching, storytelling, design thinking and virtual facilitation. He is a master facilitator who leads game-changing, virtual and in-person meetings for clients, and has trained other facilitators to drive transformation, delivering “great reckonings in small rooms.”

"As a longtime fan of David Sibbet and The Grove, it's been a real honor and pleasure to become a trusted partner and service provider over the last few years."
—Joran Oppelt

Joran is proficient in:

  • Visual facilitation
  • Graphic recording
  • Innovation training
  • Executive coaching
  • Vision and mission
  • Core values
  • Customer experience journey
  • Objectives and key results (OKRs)
  • StoryBrand

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