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Strategic Visioning Model Overview

This four-page handout includes an overview, a comprehensive graphic depiction of the model and simple descriptions of the seven stages of the Strategic Visioning process.

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Get Everyone on the Same Page With Our Visual Process

Strategic Visioning is The Grove's flexible methodology for visually aided strategic analysis. We design and facilitate Strategic Visioning sessions tailored to your needs and sense of urgency. Our consultants are skilled in group process design to deliver a shared vision and goals for your organization in a matter of days—either in person or virtually. At the heart of the Strategic Visioning approach is a series of guided conversations that bring key stakeholders into agreement about new directions. Visual facilitation creates a high-engagement process that supports alignment around:

  • desired future
  • strategic action plans 
  • organizational communications

Tap Into Group Creativity and Innovation

While preserving the best practices of traditional planning, Strategic Visioning adds creativity and big-picture thinking. The process is distinctive in using visual templates, called Graphic Guides®, to support focused conversations about an organization’s environment, current situation, vision of a desired future state and action plans for implementing a strategic vision. The visual frameworks enable groups to collectively brainstorm and learn from one another.

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Decisions Take Shape Before Your Eyes  

Focused on visual displays of their planning work, participants see where they are in alignment and where they still need to reach agreement. At the conclusion of these sessions, every person leaves with a shared vision of what the organization aims to achieve and how its key strategies will unfold. Groups tend to find the sessions not only productive, but inspiring.

Many organizations have embraced Strategic Visioning as their go-to, annual planning process. We’re happy to discuss your organization's particular needs.

“The Strategic Visioning process exceeded our expectations! Although we had initial concern about using a virtual platform, we were pleased with the meaningful engagement, depth of reflection, and bold steps achieved through the process. A sincere thank you to The Grove for facilitating an exceptional process in this most critical time.”

Ed Manansala, Ed.D.
County Superintendent of Schools
El Dorado County Office of Education

Additional Resources

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Case Study: DLR Group

Over the past 20 years The Grove has facilitated a Strategic Visioning process every five years for the DLR Group. It helped the organization reach a #1 ranking in the US.

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Workshop: Online Strategic Visioning 

This workshop will prepare you to lead this template-based process, or have The Grove run a training within your organization, virtually or in person. We also offer licensing for the necessary do-it-yourself tools. 

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Strategic Visioning Brochure


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Visual Leaders by David Sibbet

Learn how visual practitioners and leaders can use applied design thinking to foster engagement and align entire organizations on new plans.

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Grove Tools 

For those who have taken our courses and/or prefer a do-it-yourself approach, we’ve developed toolsets that guide groups through processes of reflection, direction-setting and planning. 

Grove Tools Website

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