Visual Meetings

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Achieve Engagement, Clarity & Alignment

The interactive nature of our in-person and virtual meetings draws on over 40 years of pioneering best practices. A well-planned and facilitated visual meeting allows a group to: 

  • see the conversation unfold in front of them
  • uncover previously unseen patterns
  • voice differing opinions
  • find common ground
  • align to agreed-upon action items
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Innovative, Co-created Agenda Design

We work with you to design and facilitate the key conversations your group needs to have for breakthrough thinking.

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Group Connection & Buy-in 

Our facilitation practices are rooted in the study of group dynamics. We guide meeting participants through customized activities to meet each group’s particular needs.

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Post-Meeting Momentum 

Visual processes not only enliven meetings, but provide a record of conversations and decisions. The resulting visual output bolsters forward movement.

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Any Meeting Benefits From Grove Practices

We run all sizes and types of in-person and virtual meetings including:

  • planning meetings 
  • alignment sessions
  • board meetings 
  • annual events 
  • large public meetings 
  • retreats/offsites

We offer graphic facilitation: the act of planning and running a meeting with visual practices, including the capture of discussions. If you'd like to facilitate your own meeting and need assistance with capturing the conversation we offer graphic recording services as well.

“The value of The Grove’s method of working is that the 40 people in this room represent at least 400 other people in the organization who are not there. The graphics let you tell the story to the people who need this information, so even though they were not part of the meeting, they get the benefit of following the thought process that led to the strategy conclusions. Dynamic graphic records tell the story of the meeting.”

Boris Teksler

Additional Resources

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Workshop: Principles of Graphic Facilitation

Learn how to use graphic methods to engage team members and meeting participants, capture ideas, and focus the group’s work in this hands-on introductory course. No drawing skill is required.

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Meeting Facilitation & Recording Brochure

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Visual Meetings by David Sibbet

Learn how graphics, sticky notes and idea mapping can transform group productivity.




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