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Growth Management Center

California, United States
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Growth Management Center’s (GMC) Rob Eskridge and Ryan Stock are long-time Grove associates. They are both trained in The Grove’s visual methodologies and have facilitated many planning sessions over the decades using the templated Strategic Visioning™ Process. Rob was also a key contributor to the development of the Strategic Visioning visual-planning system and is featured in David Sibbet’s and Gisela Wendling’s book, Visual Consulting: Designing and Leading Change. Some of GMC’s capabilities include:

  • Leading management teams of privately held businesses and not-for-profit organizations to develop and update plans for growth during in-person, virtual and hybrid planning meetings.

  • Offering the Growth Management River Tripprocess to organizations seeking short- and long-term plans, which are imperative for competing in the post-pandemic economy. The process is highly visual, engaging and customer-centric.

  • Supporting organizations as they implement growth programs by helping them sequence their activities and allocate the financial, human and technology resources necessary to succeed.

  • Marketing planning in the digital age and not-for-profit fundraising.

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