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ES Consulting

Saudi Arabia
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ES Consulting, led by Bassam AIKharashi & Abdulrahman AlForaih, is a management consulting company experienced working with government entities and large companies. Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, ES uses visual, effective co-creation approaches to establish a sustainable process-based management practice.

ES’ consulting and facilitation services use The Grove’s visual methodologies (e.g. Strategic Visioning) to co-create strategic plans with its clients. It also is licensed to provide the Arabic-language versions of the Strategic Visioning and Principles of Graphic Facilitation workshops.

Some of ES’ capabilities include:

  • Co-created approaches using highly facilitated workshops.
  • Visual Consulting approach.
  • Strategic Visioning Camp (three days to build your strategy) following The Grove’s approach.
  • The Grove’s Principles of Graphic Facilitation and Strategic Visioning workshops through ES Learning

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