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Section 6: The Idea of the Liminal

This free excerpt from The Liminal Pathways Study explores how the idea of the liminal supports new ways of understanding and leading change, especially in times of volatile ambiguity.

The Liminal Pathways Study

In what ways can a reliable map to the territory of change help us?

What insights can we gain when looking at current experiences of change through the lens of the liminal?

What wisdom can we glean from the timeless practices of rites of passage to help harness, cultivate and focus the confluence of destructive and creative forces of overlapping crises?

This useful and insightful book explores the efficacy of the Wendling Liminal Pathways Change Framework™ and how the idea of the liminal opens new ways of contemplating and practicing transformational change.

You will learn:

  • about the instrumental, psychological and integral benefits of the Liminal Pathways Change Framework
  • the essential types, patterns and drivers of change
  • insights into how people experience and navigate through change
  • the central role of inner processes as transformational catalysts
  • how working with affect can allow people to become vessels for positive change 
  • what types of practices support individuals and groups to move through disruptive change

By combining participants’ stories, theory and practice, this book paints a full picture of what really goes on with change, and helps you evolve your own mental models and approaches. It is written for curious practitioners, experienced change leaders and those new to change work. 

Available as a 280-page paperback and as a high-quality eBook.

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The Liminal Pathways System

Enabling positive change is fundamentally about recognizing that we are relational human beings with bodies, minds, hearts and spirit.

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