Top 8 Ways Our Clients Are Empowering Effective Teams

team performance Jun 02, 2021


Recently, Laurie Durnell, Principal Consultant for The Grove, facilitated a user-group session with some of our clients who have fully implemented The Grove’s Team Performance System. All of the HR professionals we invited are in talent development, learning and organization development, or are dedicated to team development as their key role. They represent a range of organizations. Here are the top successes this group revealed about using Team Performance in their organizations.


  1. “The journey of our team culture process starts with the Team Performance Model.”
    Organizations multiply the power of team effectiveness by having a consistent, accessible model for teaming.

  2. “The Team Performance best practices are invaluable for team formation and goal setting.”
    Along with the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance® Model, a comprehensive set of tried and true best practices support the whole life cycle of a team. 

  3.  “We use Team Performance in kick-off sessions to help every implementation team understand goals, roles and purpose.”
    Setting this kind of foundation sets a team up for success so they can move quickly, knowing they are moving forward in an aligned fashion.

  4. “We use Team Performance globally and have adapted it to telework with Mural and Microsoft Teams!”
    This system provides a globally consistent language for teaming, and it works across cultures and functions. Team Performance empowers different cultures by having a shared, organization-wide understanding of expectations. The Team Performance toolset of best practices works on whatever collaboration platforms are in use. The Grove is currently teaching the Team Performance Workshop online for virtual and in-person teaming. The system is inherently flexible.

  5. “We integrate Team Performance with our other implementation processes.”
    When a new process comes down the pipe in an organization, a team can think about it in terms of the stages of the Team Performance Model and take the necessary steps to strengthen implementation. 
  6. “Our Team Collaboration Playbook democratizes the Team Performance tools and all of our leaders go through the training.”
    This organization put its “Team Collaboration Playbook” on its intranet to provide a self-service toolkit for team leaders that can be accessed as needed. The Grove customizes these Team Tool websites for many organizations who want to support broad access to a consistent approach to teaming. With training and access to a team tools website, leaders recognize that effective teaming is part of their responsibility along with getting the work done. The self-service quality of the intranet portal means that leaders don’t have to rely on a limited number of HR professionals. When team members experience consistent expectations from their leaders around teaming, especially as they collaborate across boundaries, they can work more efficiently.

  7. “We look internally at high-performing teams and observe them to identify ‘Company, High, Impact, Practices’ or CHIPS.”
    Within any organization, there are pockets of high-performance. How do you replicate that? In this organization, the HR individual in charge of team development identified the most impactful practices and leveraged Team Performance as a vehicle to teach those practices widely in the organization.

  8. “Team Performance is part of how we do things and has enabled our work during Covid.”
    This company has globally implemented Team Performance over the last 15 years. They deliver an extraordinary number of team interventions each year based on demand from leaders and managers who recognize the value of the system. Team Performance provides a touchstone, even during difficult times.


One way to learn The Grove’s Team Performance System is through our online Team Performance workshop. You may also engage one of our consultants to work with a team in your organization by contacting [email protected].

The graphic recording for this user-group session was done by Trent Wakenight who recently joined The Grove. Read an interview with Trent to learn more about him.



More about The Grove’s Team Performance System can be found in this brochure.

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