Mapping a Visual History of Katrina’s Aftermath in Mississippi

storymapping Feb 06, 2007


 At a unique trade show billed by Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour as the first ever “Recovery Expo” in August 2006 at Biloxi’s Mississippi Coast Coliseum, booths showcased vendors selling everything from Kevlar siding to prefab homes, legal expertise and building and zoning advice. At the center of the hopeful gathering, a Grove Storymap™ helped attendees gain some perspective: a clear picture of the progress made in the state’s recovery efforts over the year following Hurricane Katrina’s August 2005 devastation.  Fountainworks, a market-research and public-policy consulting firm in Raleigh, North Carolina, has been working with the Governor’s Office in Mississippi on a range of hurricane recovery issues. As the hurricane’s one-year anniversary approached, Gov. Barbour wanted to document the major milestones in the state’s rebuilding since Katrina.

The Fountainworks team interviewed key players from sectors throughout the state and asked them what they saw as the most significant accomplishments to date relative to the recovery process. The team used that data to create a timeline of local, state and federal milestones and then turned to The Grove for help in mapping that information.

“The Grove did an outstanding job putting this data into a graphic format. This was incredibly useful, putting the information in a form that anyone can understand and connect with,” said Warren Miller, founder and president of Fountainworks, “It is exactly what was needed and we, as well as the governor and his team, are very grateful.”

“The Grove’s expertise in synthesizing complex information and designing visual tools to communicate to broad audiences is highly unique. They are an incredible partner to have for clarifying processes and telling cogent stories to diverse groups of people.“

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