Create Clarity Out of Complexity

Alignment across an entire system becomes possible with an integrated picture of an organization’s story. Grove Storymaps® provide a common narrative for your internal audiences and can showcase your story to external audiences. We design Storymaps to support:  

  • visions
  • new initiatives and strategies
  • implementing change
  • organizational histories 
  • staff orientations
  • fundraising
  • public relations and marketing campaigns
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Communicate the Big Picture in an Accessible Way

An organization's story is Illustrated in a comprehensive, yet accessible way that draws in the viewer and allows for quick comprehension. Stakeholders understand the big picture at a glance and see how their efforts connect to the whole. 

Storymaps allow leaders and other members of your organization to give stimulating and refreshing presentations. What's more, Storymap presentations, either in person or online, open up conversations that wouldn't have been possible with a dry slide show. Visual storytelling is both engaging and memorable and as such, Storymaps have a long-lasting impact within an organization. 

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Organizational Learning Through the Storymap Process 

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Through Facilitation We Help You Tell Your Story

First, we assess the state of the story you need to tell. We use a variety of data-gathering methods, including facilitated in-person or virtual meetings. By including a variety of stakeholders, we initiate a fresh exchange of information.

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Concept Sketches Test the Communication

Next, information designers work with you to problem solve creatively, crafting sketches from your shared information. As the design process unfolds, we elicit stakeholder feedback in order to encourage communication and buy-in.

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Iterations Build Alignment and Refine the Storyline

Organizational alignment is an intended byproduct of The Grove's Storymap process. Development is intentionally collaborative and fun, and results in a refined communication tool that can take on many digital and print forms.

“Working with The Grove to create a Storymap allowed us to form a common vocabulary and storyline that we use both for internal sales training and as a conversation tool for our sales teams to use with their customers. Many of the stakeholders in the process were skeptical, but once seen in action, it has absolutely been a home run. The process and methodology absolutely work. I can’t speak enough about the professionalism and creativity of The Grove team. From the discipline in running review meetings to the unexpected creativity found in the artwork, this has been one of the best collaborations I have experienced in my professional career.”

Kevin Strohmeyer
Sr. Director, Digital Workspace Franchise Leader

Sample Projects

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Case Study: The Unity Council

Communicating A History Of Accomplishments

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Case Study: Sutter Health

Building Momentum for a New Vision

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Case Study: The National Science Foundation

Developing Innovation Strategy


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Storymap Brochure


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