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We offer a range of services, all designed to get your group engaged, innovating and moving forward with alignment. We customize our offerings based on your needs—from meeting facilitation and team improvement, to strategy development and systemic change. 

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Transform Your Facilitation & Group Leadership Skills

We have been teaching what we know since our inception in the 1970s. In our courses, you will learn and practice using our visual tools and methodologies for meetings, teams, strategy and change. We offer virtual, live courses with our seasoned experts.

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Nine Tips to Lighten
the Load of Zoom Fatigue

Best practices for easing the exhaustion of video conferencing.

Facilitating Strategy for a County Dept. of Education

Despite COVID-19, this group planned for the next five years.

Common Team Breakdowns (and How to Prevent Them)

Why teams often fail to achieve the results they set out to accomplish.

Featured Course

Team Performance

Learn essential practices and tools needed for team-startup activities and team interventions. Help teams clarify their sense of purpose, commitment and productivity. 

This workshop includes practitioner certification in The Grove’s Team Performance System and use of The Grove’s Team Performance Survey™. You will also be introduced to The Grove’s robust set of action-oriented and visual best practices, applicable for in-person and virtual settings.

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