Leading Transformational Change

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Excerpts from The Liminal Pathways Study:

The Idea of the Liminal

Learn about Gisela Wendling’s recent exploration of transformational change. The excerpts include the Preface and Section 6: The Idea of the Liminal, from her new book The Liminal Pathways Study.

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We Support You to Do the Work of Changing

Whether designed or unexpected, change requires entering periods of uncertainty and the unknown. Although many experience this territory as challenging, it is also where new futures begin. 

We offer well-supported processes that balance these tensions, actively address concerns and reluctance, and help people connect with the positive momentum underway. When people experience being integrally involved in shaping outcomes, the change process stabilizes, and desired futures become more possible.

We do this by helping change leaders see the big picture, understand the predictable phases of change and the opportunities and challenges in each, and appreciate the experiences people have going through change.

We Partner with You to Chart a Path Forward

Our experienced consultants will partner with your key leaders, change champions and stakeholders from across levels and functions, engaging hearts and minds.

 Our approach:

  • ignites innovative ideas through co-developed processes
  • is uniquely designed and adaptive as the process unfolds
  • brings together needed perspectives through group dialogue with visual note-taking
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Actualizing Visionary Futures Starts with Engagement

Change leaders achieve results with participation, buy-in, embodiment and widespread commitment. As ownership grows, people make sense of the complexities and uncertainties that any organizational shift brings.

We work with you and your organization to:

  • clarify your needs, connect with inspiration, converge on a shared vision and get started on strategic initiatives
  • renew your organizational culture, increase cross-functional alignment and enhance productivity
  • implement early wins that catalyze transformation

Additional Resources

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Workshop: Pathways Through Change

This unique three-day workshop, based on the Liminal Pathways Change Framework™, supports participants to work through personal and professional challenges, explore practices for developing change competencies and helps them gain small and large-scale change leadership capabilities.

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Workshop: Designing & Leading Change

Working with your own organizational-change challenge, you will emerge from this highly interactive workshop with a process design and a range of proven intervention methods that will lead to success for your client or organization.

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The Liminal Pathways System 

This system integrates our change methods, frameworks and tools to help leaders and their organizations grow their capacity to guide, lead and realize change. This includes workshops, leadership coaching, books and other support materials for self-development.

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Case Studies

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Case Study: Cal Poly Pomona

A college of six academic departments and more than 5,000 students needed to undertake a visioning and culture-change process to address silos and open up opportunities for innovation.

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Case Study: Metropolitan Council for the Twin Cities of Minnesota 

The Grove engaged in a yearlong project focused on building internal process-leadership capability.

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Case Study: UC Merced

Driven by economics and demand, the University of California’s newest campus was expected to double in size by 2020 with no fewer than 72 change projects underway.


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