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DLR Group, Named #1 U.S. Design Firm, Says Big Goals Led the Way strategic visioning

The Grove has worked on strategic planning for many years with DLR Group, a national architectural firm. Recently one of our close collaborators at the firm got in touch to share wonderful news: Architect Magazine named DLR Group the #1 design firm in the United States. “Your process has helped us transform our firm,” he wrote.



We called Jon Pettit and Griff Davenport, DLR Group’s managing principals, to learn more about their firm’s journey to...

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Strategic Visioning Agenda Planning Kit Simplifies Strategic Planning Processes strategic visioning


An uncertain economy requires resetting your vision, assumptions, and plans. And tight budgets mean you’ll probably need the tools to do it yourself.

The Grove has developed the Strategic Visioning Agenda Planning Kit to help you apply our Strategic Visioning Visual Planning System™ (VPS) to your most pressing organizational planning challenges. It’s flexible and even fun, and based on more than 30 years’ experience guiding organizations large and small through...

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