Strategic Visioning Agenda Planning Kit Simplifies Strategic Planning Processes

strategic visioning Mar 16, 2009


An uncertain economy requires resetting your vision, assumptions, and plans. And tight budgets mean you’ll probably need the tools to do it yourself.

The Grove has developed the Strategic Visioning Agenda Planning Kit to help you apply our Strategic Visioning Visual Planning System™ (VPS) to your most pressing organizational planning challenges. It’s flexible and even fun, and based on more than 30 years’ experience guiding organizations large and small through periods of change and new business challenges.

The Strategic Visioning Agenda Planning Kit is a portable, card-based system that provides choices for designing a strategic planning process and helps teams choose the right tools for use in virtual and/or face-to-face meetings. It references visual templates and guides that help leaders and teams reach alignment on critical strategies, and communicate these in ways that give everyone a clear line of sight to overall goals.

Our Strategic Visioning Agenda Planning Kit combines four key tools that provide leaders with an effective, flexible way to design one-day and two-day meetings, or a series of virtual meetings:


Agenda Cards

Cards in this deck display time-block agendas for three different types of Strategic Visioning meetings—a one-day agenda, a two-day agenda and a series of virtual meetings, each of which is roughly two hours in duration. Each item on the Agenda Cards refers the planner to activities contained in the companion Best Practice card deck.


Best Practice Cards

Many cards in this deck feature the Graphic Guides® templates contained in the Strategic Visioning VPS toolkit. The cards provide a visual reference on one side, and a description of the template’s intended use, benefits, estimated time to complete, and steps and tips on the other side. Other cards in the deck provide ideas and how-to instructions for group techniques proven to get results, from productive sessions involving storytelling or envisioning success, to identifying crossroads issues.



Simple instructions that help you orient to the cards, engage with clients or teams to plan meetings, design agendas that fit your needs and apply a series of best practices to your Strategic Visioning process sessions.


Strategic Visioning Process Outline

This detailed Process Outline provides a comprehensive introduction to the Strategic Visioning process, an explanation of The Grove’s Strategic Visioning™ Model, on which this Visual Planning System is based, and all the tools to support you and your team.

The Strategic Visioning Agenda Planning Kit was designed to provide the functionality and convenience our consultants and customers have told us work best while working with their clients or teams. Senior managers from large organizations have been excited by its potential to put an easy-to-learn method of planning and running effective meetings in the hands of team leaders across their organization. They like the continuity and consistency in meeting results throughout longer-term strategic planning processes and widely dispersed teams.

High-performance organizations use planning practices like these on a routine basis.

At approximately 6” x 8” in size in its re-sealable protective case, the Strategic Visioning Agenda Planning Kit fits easily into a bag or briefcase and can be used by individuals or groups on the wall or tabletop.

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