Webinar Wrap-Up: Where To Start With Hybrid Meetings

graphic facilitation hybrid meetings virtual collaboration Jul 09, 2021


 What are the essential ingredients for successful collaboration in hybrid meetings? There’s certainly alchemy in a face-to-face meeting; the challenge is leveraging that energy and keeping online participants engaged. Done well, hybrid meetings combine the best features of both meeting types: in-person communication and virtual meeting benefits for inclusion, information sharing and interactivity. If anything, hybrid meetings have expanded the value of using visuals to create understanding when we miss the levels of comprehension that can come with being in the same room together.

On July 1st, The Grove’s Principal Consultant Laurie Durnell joined Senior Consultant Trent Wakenight for a conversation about what you can do to make hybrid meeting experiences as meaningful and beneficial as possible. They shared real-world examples and tips for agenda design, managing breakout groups and technological practices that honor both the in-person and virtual participant and set up your hybrid teams for success.


To learn more about best practices and tools for facilitating virtual meetings, see our workshop, Facilitating Virtual Collaboration.



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