The Grove’s 2020 Calendar Is Here!

visualization Jan 07, 2020


Author: Tiffany Forner


Happy New Year to all! Please enjoy our annual calendar.





This year, our calendar illustrates one of the most basic and effective facilitative practices—the sticky-note brainstorm. We designated one wall in our office to the activity throughout the month of December. Armed with a spectrum of sticky-note colors, staff members were asked to supply images and words that they associated with each month of the year. Like any successful brainstorm, we came up with similar and disparate ideas and, most importantly, ideas that built on one another. These visual poems evolved through the final weeks of 2019. One word on a sticky note sums up this process: FUN.





Wishing you much collaboration and creativity throughout 2020 from all of us at The Grove.


Download/Print The Grove’s 2020 8.5″x11″ Calendar 


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