Grove Wins OD Network Members’ Choice Award: “Most Innovative & Cutting Edge Organizational Development Practices”

grove news Oct 23, 2007

In 2008, the Organizational Development Network (OD Network) honored The Grove with its annual Members’ Choice Award for contributions to the field of organizational development. With this award, The Grove was recognized for its “innovative and cutting-edge OD practices.” The OD Network is an international association, consisting of more than 3,000 members from all 50 states and abroad. Looking at companies whose practices can be applied broadly to communities or organizations, the OD Network’s members voted The Grove to be the organization that most influenced the OD field as a whole through new and innovative methods.

The 2007 award went to the Interaction Institute for Social Change. Previous winners include: Winifred deLoayza; Herman Resnick; Peter Block; Edgar H. Schein; Marvin R. Weisbord; Peter M. Senge, et al, (The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook); and Chris Argyris.

The OD Network provides resources, opportunities for networking and professional development to OD professionals in order to further the Network’s mission of “creating tomorrow’s organizations today.”

The Grove is an organizational development consulting and design firm and a publishing company. The Grove is situated in the heart of one of the most exciting new-media communities in the world, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge in the Presidio of San Francisco’s Thoreau Center for Sustainability. Located between George Lucas’ Letterman Digital Arts Center and the SF Film Centre, it’s from this base that The Grove’s team – along with its worldwide network of partners and collaborators – brings people together to look to the future, visualize change and foster innovation through collaboration. The organization’s work spans both the private and public sectors throughout North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

David Sibbet, the founder and president of The Grove, is an organizational consultant, information designer and author with over 30 years experience working with both organizations and individuals to collaborate through visualization and big-picture thinking. His work in graphic facilitation, strategic visioning, and group processes has made him an acknowledged master facilitator and expert on visual language.

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