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A Model for Understanding the Patterns in Graphic Language

Graphic language includes the frameworks and formats that help facilitators organize text and images in the act of visualizing. These repeating, general patterns are illustrated in The Grove’s Group Graphics® Keyboard. The Grove has found that all the variations are reflections of seven, archetypal patterns. These are described in a model developed by David Sibbet in 1976 and tested worldwide over the following years.

Learning the properties and challenges of each of these patterns is a key to improvising actively with graphic language, much as learning chord structures is a key to learning music.

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This Model Supports Our Work In: Visual Meetings

We offer graphic facilitation—the act of planning and running a meeting with visual practices. The Group Graphics Keyboard helps shape the activities and provides formats for capturing the discussions. Graphic recording, the visual note-taking of information verbalized in meetings or presentations, not only energizes engagement, but provides a record for follow-through.

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Learn About This Model in Our Course: Principles of Graphic Facilitation

Do you want to increase engagement, creativity and innovation in your meetings? In this beginner course we take you step-by-step through graphic recording fundamentals blended with basic facilitation methods. You will practice graphic facilitation in small-group settings throughout this immersive, hands-on course.

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Read About This Model In: Visual Meetings by David Sibbet

Learn how graphics, sticky notes and idea mapping can transform group productivity.




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