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Visual Facilitation for Project Management

Add Visual Practices to Your Skillset

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Prerequisite: None.

LOCATION: The Presidio of San Francisco, CA

Date TBD | 9:00am–5:00pm Pacific Time

We are unable to offer this in-person workshop right now. Please join the waitlist if you would like us to contact you when this course becomes available again.


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“The workshop included a wealth of resources, knowledge and practice for applying graphic facilitation to project management. It exceeded my expectations.”

Charlene Miller


Projects on tight schedules require efficient meetings and team interactions to solve problems, make decisions, and execute plans accordingly. In this hands-on workshop we will explore visual-facilitation methods for addressing the typical challenges that project managers face. Learn visual techniques that will prepare you to run engaging meetings, facilitate big-picture thinking, clarify complexity, create visually interesting flip charts either pre-meeting or live, and co-develop an action plan or roadmap that gets high buy-in from project team members. Incorporating a visual approach will take your project and team-management skills to the next level.


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This Course Is for You If:

  • You are a project manager, team manager, or consultant working in project implementation and want to accelerate team buy-in and execution.
  • You lead implementation teams or are the head of a department that is responsible for implementation, and you need to increase team involvement and monitor progress more efficiently.
  • You want to improve your project management skills and expand your toolkit for leading projects and teams.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand and apply the power of visual communication to increase teamwork.
  • Learn effective visual problem-solving tools to analyze a situation, find solutions, make decisions, prioritize, and build an action plan.
  • Accelerate your project delivery by facilitating team effectiveness and buy-in.
  • Leave the workshop prepared to initiate, plan, execute, monitor/control, and close projects using visual best practices.
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What This Course Is Like:

  • Led by one expert course leader/facilitator.
  • Provides a supportive environment with a limited number of participants.
  • Filled with examples and case stories from the workshop leader that will help you connect what you are learning to your own work.
  • Coaching and feedback to help you improve as you practice what you learn.
  • No drawing skills are required for this workshop.

About the Trainer: Benoit Isaac has worked for a decade in the aerospace industry as a project manager, project coach, facilitator and workshop designer. He has trained dozens of teams and individuals to use the power of visual facilitation to increase team efficiency. He also uses these techniques on his own multi-disciplinary projects in civil engineering, production means, software development, and aerospace development.

This Course Is Currently Unavailable

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