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The Grove worked with VMware to develop a Grove Storymap® about its digital workspace product, Workspace ONE. VMware had created an amazing product but was running into communication obstacles. As Kevin Strohmeyer, senior director of Solutions Product Marketing, describes, “We had been talking about the digital workspace both internally and in the marketplace for 18 months, but there was little consistency."

To facilitate alignment in communications and messaging, VMware asked The Grove to lead a Storymapping process. At a day-long launch meeting, stakeholders from different sectors of the organization gathered content and identified central themes for possible inclusion in the Storymap. As part of this process, small groups brainstormed and drew metaphors to represent their own visions for Workspace ONE.

Of all the drawings, one had particular resonance: a beach scene with a surf shop. It was chosen as a way to represent the “vision” state: a feeling of freedom while working with Workspace One, a sense of user choice at the “device bar,” and the presence of security as represented by the lifeguard.

As the Storymap took shape, preliminary versions were shared with customer advisory boards in Boston, London and Palo Alto. Kevin Strohmeyer reported an unexpected outcome in these sessions. “Across the board, we have heard feedback that it is refreshing to have a conversation about a transformational IT change without talking technology. It allows us to find common ground with almost anyone, regardless of their level of background and understanding. This has helped us open conversations we otherwise would not be having.”

“Working with The Grove to create a Storymap allowed us to form a common vocabulary and storyline that we use both for internal sales training and as a conversation tool for our sales teams to use with their customers. The process and methodology absolutely work.”

Kevin Strohmeyer
Senior Director of Solutions Product Marketing

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