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National Semiconductor

In the early 1990s, we helped to guide the turnaround of National Semiconductor (NSC) with a large-scale visualization of new CEO Gil Amelio's vision. At the same time, we worked with the internal change team that was supporting the transformation. We collaboratively designed a Leading Change program for the top 500 managers and trained the internal staff that led those programs. As the transformation proceeded, our consultants conducted more than a dozen visioning processes for groups and divisions.

The turnaround was successful. We created four iterations of the large Grove Storymap™ shown above and more than a dozen supporting Storymaps for NSC groups and divisions. NSC also successfully implemented graphic facilitation training within the corporate staff. In 1994, the company had a 96-percent vision recognition worldwide among its 125,000 employees, according to its employee survey.

“Without The Grove’s visual approach, I can’t imagine our company aligning on the brilliant but technically complex vision Gil laid out in 1990 for us. They were invaluable in helping us stay focused and effective during this change.”

Kevin Wheeler
Former Director of National University and Leader of the Leading Change Program

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