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Levi Strauss & Co.

Long-time Grove client Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&Co.) needed a graphic representation of its new human-resources operating model. The goal was to create a Grove Storymap® that would help educate LS&Co.’s employees about human resources’ critical role in the organization. After facilitating data-gathering sessions, The Grove produced several Storymap concepts that allowed LS&Co. to hone its message.

The design team needed to depict not only the components of the new human-resources operating model (four spiral arms) but also the critical employee behaviors (circled items) necessary for its successful adoption within the organization. LS&Co. is using the “Winning with Talent” Storymap in trainings, town-hall meetings, and other on-boarding events to help build understanding for how the work of human-resources is being executed in the organization.

“The design process was an intervention in and of itself. By seeing multiple concepts, it tests and validates your assumptions even though it can feel painful at times.”

Sarah Larson
Change Lead of Human-Resources Transformation

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