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Garfield Foundation

In 2004, the Garfield Foundation funded 27 non-government organizations and seven foundations in the upper Midwest to collaborate on revamping the energy sector in their region. The group asked us to facilitate four task forces of 10 to 12 people each to complete strategic plans for how to clean up old coal, stop new coal, increase energy efficiency and increase renewables. We facilitated dozens of face-to-face meetings, web conferences and several cross-group meetings, all supported with Grove Storymaps and other materials. We also created the final reports.

The Renewable Energy Alignment Mapping Project (RE-AMP) has grown to more than 70 non-government organizations and eight foundations working in collaboration with one another. The Project now supports a digital commons, an annual gathering, a media center, ongoing working groups and a steering committee. Several months ago, five Midwestern governors signed global-warming accords vowing to reduce pollutants in their states. RE-AMP members were intimately involved in this process.

“I can give The Grove an unqualified thumbs-up. We’ve had their senior consultants facilitate various meetings for us over the past three years, maybe twenty meetings in all, and they always deliver top-notch work.”

Rick Reed
Former Garfield Project Manager

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