Take the Tour: A Webinar Walk-through of the Team Performance Online Survey

team performance May 29, 2013


Is your team working together effectively? Gain new insight into your co-located or distributed team, and identify areas for improvement, with the Team Performance Online Survey.

Watch the webinar >

We’ve just posted the recording of our recent webinar (5/14/13) about The Grove’s online survey tool for teams. Laurie Durnell, director of consulting, and Rachel Smith, director of digital facilitation services, walk through the tool from the perspectives of both a team member and a survey administrator.

The Team Performance Online Survey is keyed off of the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model®, a robust system-wide framework for team development.

For more information about the Team Performance System and the Team Performance Online Survey visit our website, email [email protected], or call us at 415-561-2500 ext. 1.

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