Case Study: Graphic Recording Movies

graphic facilitation Jan 16, 2012

Education Elements
is a company that serves K-12 schools seeking to implement blended learning solutions in the classroom. Looking for a way to get across the central concepts about blended learning that would help potential clients understand the approach, Education Elements turned to The Grove for a memorable way to illustrate them. Together, we developed a series of three custom graphic recording movies, each about five minutes long.

Each movie answers a central question: What is blended learning? How is digital content selected? Who is Education Elements, and what do they do? The visuals that accompany the narrative help convey the main points in an engaging way, giving administrators, parents, and other stakeholders a better idea of how Education Elements can help their schools.

“As one of a just a few companies helping schools navigate their way into blended learning, we knew potential clients and others needed to understand how this approach can transform student learning while also empowering teachers and streamlining school operations,” said Education Elements CEO and founder Anthony Kim. “The Grove helped us tell that complicated story in a simple, straightforward, accessible way that puts students and teachers at the center of the narrative.”

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