A Virtual Holiday Party Idea

virtual graphic facilitation Dec 09, 2020

Author: Tiffany Forner


Need an idea for the virtual office party? Do a virtual gift certificate exchange using a digital whiteboard like Mural. It’s a nice way to keep the holiday party vibe alive and support some smaller retailers at the same time. Below are some basic instructions for setting up the game. The idea is very similar to a white elephant gift exchange. Look up the basic rules for a white elephant if you are unfamiliar. When the party commences, the game “facilitator” will need to set up an order for the gift opening/stealing. Perhaps post names in the web conference “chat” in the order that folks arrive at the party. Then, let the gift opening and stealing begin, marking gifts that have been claimed with a sticky note. In case you are curious, The Grove allows a gift to be stolen twice, then it is locked! Happy Holidays!


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