Online Workshop: Team Performance — Cultivating High-Performing Teams and Workgroups with Laurie Durnell and Trent Wakenight


This workshop is an immersion in the essential practices and visual tools to create and sustain high-performing teams. Learn about predictable stages of team development and the issues that impact team performance at each stage. Add The Grove's Team Performance System's tools and best practices to your facilitation toolkit: team startup activities, team interventions, ways to help teams and workgroups renew their sense of purpose and commitment, and team leader processes for face-to-face and virtual settings.

This workshop includes practitioner certification in the Drexler/Sibbet/Forrester Team Performance™ System and use of the Team Performance Survey.


  • Start off right and keep on track: practice team startup and team tune-up activities.
  • Diagnose team strengths and challenges: learn three ways to conduct team assessments.
  • Targeted improvement: use team assessment results to plan and lead interventions targeted where the team needs it most.
  • Partner with team leaders: learn ways to educate and enroll team leaders.
  • Toolkit of online best practices: learn to lead six tried-and-true team best practices keyed to specific stages of the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model®.
  • Work visually: use visual tools to create team goals and plans that are linked to strategic objectives.
  • Certification: upon completion of the workshop, participants become certified Team Performance Practitioners and are qualified to use the Team Performance Survey.
  • Workshop kit: your kit includes a guide for team leaders, covering everything from team startups to engaging a seasoned team in creating and carrying out a plan for improvement.

This workshop is for you if:

• You are a team leader, manager, or team sponsor who needs to enhance team culture, start up a new team, or diagnose and solve problems with an existing team.

• You are a human resource business partner or other team consultant tasked with improving team performance in your organization.

• You are a consultant who works with teams.

• You are a training manager who is exploring teaming solutions for your organization.

Dates Location
June 21-25, 2021 Online, 8:30am-1:30pm (PT)
Sept 20-24, 2021 Online, 8:30am-1:30pm (PT)


$1,920 (with nonprofit discount)

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The Team Leader Workshop provides a practical strategy for working with teams at the workplace, in the field, with the family, in the classroom. It is applicable in all situations.

Marie Mennes, Public Schools District Supervisor for Art Education
Miami-Dade Unified School District

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