Workshop: Level Up Your Lettering with Heather Martinez


A special workshop facilitated by lettering master Heather Martinez. As visual practitioners, we spend a lot of time writing in real time during meetings. Likely you rely on your handwriting for rapid capture. Is your writing legible? stylistic? Do you feel confident when writing live in front of others?

In this class you will learn foundational letterforms, hierarchy, and emphasis, as well as how you can make the letterforms your own and differentiate your style from other practitioners'.​This is not a traditional “hand lettering” class; it is about increasing your speed, creativity and confidence when charting for clients. You will build confidence and up your lettering game while cultivating your unique style through a series of exercises. Day One is about letterforms and tools; Day Two is about the practical application of lettering in your work as a visual practitioner.


  • Learn a variety of lettering styles based on round, wedge, flat, and brush nib markers.
  • Hack your markers to make even more types of marks.
  • Practice lettering hierarchy and a formula for determining lettering styles for all sizes, from titles to small print, for both full-size charts and flip-chart-size capture.
  • Experience practical applications of lettering that visual practitioners use.
  • Your workshop kit includes lettering exemplars and handouts, Neuland markers, supplies to hack markers, and Hand Lettering Learning Pads (flipchart and To-Go products).

This workshop is for you if:

• You are a visual practitioner or anyone capturing live during meetings (facilitators, trainers, and those white boarding or flip charting).

• You understand the value of legibility and have to perform at speed.

• You wield a marker and want to feel confident as you do.

Trainer Bio

Heather Martinez is a visual practitioner, lettering artist, and the founding art director of the Visioneering team (a team of visual practitioners) in Chantilly, VA. She studies lettering with master calligraphers, sign painters, and graffiti artists, translating the lettering styles she learns into ones that can be used by visual practitioners. As an ambassador for Neuland, Martinez travels to teach lettering skills to visual practitioners and has presented at two IFVP (International Forum of Visual Practitioners) conferences and at EuViz. Learn more lettering tips and tricks for visual practitioners at her website,

Additional Info

To make the most out of our time together, pre-work includes:

  • Complete a lettering self-assessment (provided to registrants)
  • Complete the free online lettering course “Unlock Your Neuland Markers” at
Dates Location
Jun 25-26, 2020 San Francisco, CA


To register: email
or call 1.415.561.6130
or 1.800.49.GROVE, ex. 3.

* = If workshop date is in red, please email to be added to the waitlist.

Letters are the foundational building blocks for written communication; how they are executed offers the unique “body language” of the spoken word being captured. Every marker stroke has worth. By practicing your lettering, you are honing your craft so you can bring value to your clients.

Heather Martinez

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