Online Workshop: Digital Graphic Recording Intensive with Erin Gordon


During this three day online intensive, you will grow your graphic recording practice while learning how to pivot from recording on the wall to a digital surface. Advance your graphic recording skills as you learn and practice listening, synthesizing and drawing on current topics in the company of like-minded recorders and notetakers.

Prerequisites: This workshop is designed for those with beginner to intermediate graphic recording know-how looking to develop skills for virtual meetings. Some experience in visual notetaking or hand-drawn graphic recording is recommended.

Learning Objectives

  • Review core competencies of graphic recording.
  • Gain confidence with digital recording by learning one software application with opportunities to explore others.
  • Learn to work smarter, faster and more efficiently through leveraging the tips and tricks of digital recording.
  • Access select Grove Graphic Guides®(templates) and build a development roadmap for your practice.
  • Experience peer coaching, and receive personalized input from a seasoned recorder and virtual facilitator to support your development journey.
  • Develop a clear understanding of next steps to build your personal practice and self-awareness.

What This Course Is Like

  • Learn from an expert workshop leader/facilitator.
  • Enjoy an intimate online setting limited to 10 workshop participants.
  • Experience learning through a blend of individual and group exercises with feedback and peer coaching.
  • Tap into individual coaching in optional office hours held for 30 minutes after each session.
  • Download your digital toolkit, which includes a lettering guide and select Graphic Guides (with brush and color palette for Procreate users).
  • Anticipate dedicating a minimum of 60 minutes before and after each session on readings or projects that put your learning into practice.
  • Follow up with a one-hour, one-on-one virtual coaching session with your workshop leader (scheduled within three months after the workshop).
  • Full attendance is mandatory. Sessions are not self-paced and will not be recorded.

Of Special Note

Technology Requirements:

  • Computer to access Zoom Meetings for video web-conferencing. Participants are expected to have a working knowledge of Zoom Meetings.
  • Graphics tablet (such as an iPad) with compatible Apple Pencil, digital pen or stylus.
  • Procreate 5X (available in the Apple App Store for installation on your iPad with one-time $9.99 purchase) or other drawing application downloaded on your tablet.

The workshop leader will use an iPad Pro and Procreate 5X for instructional purposes. Learners may use other hardware, such as a Surface Pro/Book, Huion or Wacom tablet with preloaded software (such as Concepts) for the class. However participants will need to be comfortable in adapting their technology and tools independent of workshop leader support during the sessions.

Participants will be invited to work with other online collaboration tools, such as MURAL or Miro, and share their results with one another. Although access to such tools is not necessary in advance, some experience is recommended.

This workshop is for you if:

• You are a graphic recorder or visual notetaker seeking to bring or expand your practice online.

• You seek practice time to further develop your graphic-recording skills.

• You want to experiment with advanced techniques and best practices to gain confidence as a graphic recorder.

• You are an online learner or meeting participant desiring to better retain information with digital visual recording.

• You are open to and curious about growing your practice by experiencing and learning from the development journeys of others.

Dates Location
February 10–12, 2021 Online, three 3.5-hour sessions.
10:00am–1:30pm Pacific time
April 21–23, 2021 Online, three 3.5-hour sessions.
10:00am–1:30pm Pacific time


$1,020 (with nonprofit discount)

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