Workshop: Designing & Leading Change with David Sibbet - 1-Day Intro


Networks for Training and Development, Inc. hosts a one-day training in Philadelphia with David Sibbet, visual facilitation pioneer and founder of The Grove Consultants International. Why do communication and change work so much better when people have the opportunity to SEE what you mean? Learn how collaboratively oriented practitioners can consult visually and use design thinking across their scope of work. This training introduces the use of graphics and other media in support of training, services and social change, as well as how to become more aware of our own inner metaphors and models. Sibbet also explores seven central challenges of change and the principles and practices that assure success in navigating a change process.

NOTE: Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.

About the Presenter

David Sibbet is the founder and chairman of The Grove Consultants International. He is a master facilitator, process consultant, information designer, and pioneer of visual facilitation -- the use of large-scale, interactive graphics to support group process in meetings, teams, and organizations. For more than 40 years he has been helping people work together by transforming their ability to communicate and collaborate in groups. He specializes in large-scale system change processes, strategic visioning, and creative, future-oriented symposia.

This training is for:

Consultants, facilitators, organizational strategists, process managers, project managers, team leaders, and anyone seeking to gain capacity to use visual methods in a facilitative way.

Dates Location
Mar 23, 2018 Philadelphia, PA


Register at Networks for Training and Development's website. For questions or registration assistance, please contact Jessica Stover at, or 1.610.482.4934.

Additional Information

This all-day training goes from 9:00 AM​– 4:00 PM, with registration beginning at 8:00 AM. It will be held in the Ullyot Meeting Hall at the Chemical Heritage Foundation, 315 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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