Visual Consulting:

Designing & Leading Change

by David Sibbet & Gisela Wendling

Visual Consulting Book

Visual Consulting: Designing & Leading Change shows how visual practice can combine with dialogue and change methods to get more creative and sustainable results. The practices that David Sibbet and Gisela Wendling describe can be applied to organizational and diverse, cross-boundary consulting projects. They pay special attention to both the outer structures needed to support a change project and the inner process dynamics of those experiencing the change.

Visual Consulting is written for visual facilitators who want to become skillful process consultants working with change, as well as for process consultants who wish to become more visual in their practice. It is also useful for managers and leaders who have been tasked with pulling off a major change in their organizations.

For people who face any kind of organizational or community change—driven by new aspirations, shifting circumstances, or developmental change—Visual Consulting provides a rich set of approaches for consciously leading people to a shared sense of “the new.”

About the Authors

DAVID SIBBET is a world leader in visual facilitation and process leadership. Founder of The Grove Consultants International, he is known globally for creating leading-edge process consulting tools for visualization, team performance, strategic visioning, and organizational transformation.

GISELA WENDLING, PhD. is vice president of global learning at The Grove and co-directs The Global Learning & Exchange Network (GLEN). Her extensive experience in OD, dialogic practice, and learning from indigenous peoples about change is supporting new understanding about the potential of visual consulting.

Reviewer Comments

"How can diverse perspectives be in genuine dialogue and the patterns that drive change be made visible? How can consultants stimulate and harvest the collective intelligence of a group? This exquisitely designed book conveys with practicality and clarity how leaders can use the powers of imagination and collaboration in service of engaging complex challenges." —Aftab Omer, President, Meridian University

“This book is invaluable for anyone who needs to understand how to lead change in an organization. I found the chapters engaging and motivating, focusing on hands-on approaches to understanding customers, culture, and processes." —Erik Rolland, Dean, Cal Poly Pomona College of Business Administration

"With great clarity and impact, Visual Consulting deepens our way of thinking about our work as leaders of change. We gain so much from this book: not only a palette of practices, but also solid frameworks to inspire and lead organizational and culture transformation. In our time of great change, this book is a precious map of the territory." —Meryem Le Saget, Meryem Le Saget Consulting, Paris

"David & Gisela have discovered the ultimate treasure chest: how to use pictures to help other people solve their problems. Whether you consult, market, teach, sell, or lead, you will find their lessons life-changing. . . both for you and for your clients." —Dan Roam, bestselling author of Draw to Win

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