We help you host engaging and efficient meetings, whether or not your team is co-located. Boost innovation, focus, alignment, and follow-through in your face-to-face, virtual, or blended meetings.

Achieve Clarity, Engagement and Results with Visual Facilitation

The Grove’s visual facilitation methods support memorable, collaborative, and productive meetings. We design and facilitate all sizes and types of meeting processes: annual strategic planning sessions, decision-making meetings, not-for-profit board meetings, public meetings, leadership team offsites, virtual team-building sessions, and cross-organization summits.

Capture Your Work with Graphic Recording

Real-time visualization is a key to high-engagement meetings. Our graphic recorders interactively document a group’s conversation on flip charts, large poster paper, graphic templates, murals and other media, allowing everyone to see and understand the flow of dialog and any decisions made. After the session, the visuals become a touchstone and reminder of the clarity and momentum generated in the meeting, as well as the action items that people were assigned to during the session.

Disappear the Distance with Virtual Graphic Facilitation and Recording

The Grove uses a variety of visual tools to engage participants in remote or blended meetings. With virtual graphic recording of the dialog, participants see the conversation unfold in real time through a web-meeting interface. These visuals create a shared point of reference for dispersed participants, enabling them to sustain focus and produce effective results in a shorter time. Our best practices will help your virtual and blended teams to collaborate successfully across functions, cultures, and time zones.

The value of The Grove's method of working is that the 40 people in this room represent at least 400 other people in the organization who are not here. The graphics let you tell the story to the people who need this information, so even though they were not part of the meeting, they get the benefit of following the thought process that led to the strategy conclusions. Dynamic graphic records tell the story of the meeting. Also, after we communicated the work at the strategic offsite, we displayed the graphic record in the hallways where employees gathered to have in-depth conversations about the work.

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Visual Meetings Book

In Visual Meetings: How Graphics, Sticky Notes and Idea Mapping Can Transform Group Productivity, Grove founder David Sibbet shares frameworks and best practices from his four decades of experience facilitating visual meetings of all kinds.


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For those seeking training in visual facilitation and graphic recording, we offer the Principles of Graphic Facilitation workshop and the Graphic Recording Intensive. View the full Grove Public Workshops schedule here.