Case Study San Jose State University

Project Type Curriculum Support

Key Tools The Personal Compass

The Personal Compass is a visual-planning workbook from our Personal Development Visual Planning System. It consists of seven graphic templates with easy-to-follow guidelines. This workbook's blend of imagination and analysis helps individuals to envision their future, set goals, and move in new directions.

The outcome: Students with a clearer life direction.

“Creating a Meaningful Life”, a course reaching 1500 students a semester at SJSU, has used The Personal Compass and the response has been phenomenal. Professor Linda Levine believes the approach is “perfect for people in any life transition. I see that with young adults, but also with people in their middle and later years.” Levine has seen people improve relationships and catalyze or complete major projects after using The Personal Compass.

The Compass was a great tool to blend the theoretical and personal to make growth possible.

Kristine Smith

Business Major, San Jose State University

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