Case Study Nike

Project Type Visioning & Strategy
Meeting Facilitation
Grove Storymapping

Key Tools Graphic Guides®

Nike pulled four groups into one function in its Treasury organization and needed a unified vision to guide the newly constructed group. We helped Nike design a four-day program that involved 60 of its top managers in agreeing on and visualizing their vision in a Grove Storymap™. Constraints on the process included the necessity of having a completed vision by the end of the week, and providing time for top-level managers to meet and agree on priorities while still engaging everyone else. The process that emerged involved everyone on day one, the top managers on days two and three, and a final presentation and discussion of the result on day four. The meeting was successful, and the new mural has been used extensively to explain to the rest of the company how Nike operates.

Having our history, vision and strategy on one sheet of paper has been invaluable in explaining our new organization.

Bob Woodruff

Nike Treasurer

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