Case Study National Park Service

Project Type Grove Storymapping
Meeting Facilitation

Key Tools N/A

In the process of managing the transition of the Presidio of San Francisco from a military facility to a national park, the National Park Service (NPS) contacted us for assistance. Through a series of workshops with leaders from the NPS, the U.S. Army, and the city of San Francisco facilitated by our consultants, a common vision of the transition process was achieved. Though the planning processes were complex and a large number of organizations were involved, our facilitation ensured that all parties possessed a sense of organization and control over the process.

Working with these planning leaders, we developed a Grove Storymap™ that illustrated the transition process. By integrating the planning activities and the timeline on which they would be undertaken, this map enabled viewers to grasp the scope of the project and its progress in one simple visual representation. This map was included in the final General Plan Amendment that was issued to the public.

The Grove provided us with a framework and context supporting our working on common ground…The Grove materials provided us [with] an ability to visualize the abstract and establish a framework and a foundation for us to act [on] in collaboration.

Mike Savidge

Chief of Strategic Planning and Special Projects at the Presidio

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