Workshop: Advanced Visual Facilitation with David Sibbet and Laurie Durnell


Perhaps you have been a visual practitioner for some time and are using the same familiar graphic frameworks and effective facilitation techniques over and over. Or maybe you have discovered the excitement and usefulness of visual facilitation and want to learn more advanced practices for chartwork and facilitation. If you’re feeling that it’s time to expand your repertoire in both areas, this advanced three-day seminar is for you. Through a combination of hands-on practice, gentle critique, discussion, and demonstration, you will learn frameworks, models, and techniques to expand both your facilitation toolkit and your visual charting repertoire.

Laurie Durnell and David Sibbet will lead this three-day exploration, engaging participants in a consultative style to tailor the course of the workshop to the group’s unique needs. Grove Co-President and Senior Consultant Laurie Durnell has over twenty-five years of diverse experience in facilitation, visual practice, strategy formation, team development and management training. David Sibbet is founder of The Grove Consultants International, where he pioneered the field of visual organizational consulting. He is an information designer, master graphic facilitator, and author of Wiley & Sons' Visual Leadership series plus many of The Grove's facilitative books and tools.

Each participant should come prepared to discuss a current client challenge that needs a process design or agenda and should bring a one-paragraph description of the toughest facilitation challenge you have faced. Participants will emerge with a process design for an upcoming project.

NOTE: Lunch will be provided.


  • The Principles of Graphic Facilitation workshop or a similar graphic facilitation workshop and three years of working experience as a graphic facilitator; or
  • Five years of working experience as a graphic facilitator.
  • Note: We occasionally accept experienced graphic recorders or experienced facilitators who are not visual facilitators. Please contact us to inquire about your special situation.


  • Case studies: learn from Laurie’s and David’s experiences as they share stories of their own toughest engagements.
  • Advanced process design: explore five system-level models, understand the theory of process and apply it to process design, and understand closure and decision-making processes.
  • Advanced facilitation skills: map current client challenges, learn how to facilitate process design and manage ‘experts,’ effectively contract for different roles with groups you work with, and learn skills to prevent, intervene in, and transform conflict.
  • Advanced graphic frameworks: understand the deep structure of graphic displays, learn to use metaphors with groups, and match graphic formats directly to desired client outcomes.
  • Large-group facilitation: learn to use panoramic graphic facilitation practices and plan visual frameworks for large groups.
  • Deepen your personal practice: master awareness-building practices to increase daily personal development and reflection.

This training is for you if:

• You are an experienced graphic facilitator who wants to use more advanced graphic frameworks.

• You are an experienced graphic facilitator and are looking to use more advanced facilitation techniques.

• You are a very experienced graphic recorder who has started including facilitation among your services.

• You are a very experienced non-visual facilitator who has started including graphic facilitation among your services.

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TBD San Francisco, CA


To register: email
or call 1.415.561.6130
or 1.800.49.GROVE, ex. 3.

* = If workshop date is in red, please email to be added to the waitlist.

Every organization puts a premium on having people engaged, understanding what they are doing, and remembering plans as everyone works on different aspects of a project. These benefits come regularly when groups work together in visual ways. I believe we will eventually see visualization become as standard as writing and calculating.

David Sibbet
Founder and President, The Grove Consultants International

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