Visual Teams:

Graphic Tools for Commitment, Innovation, & High Performance

Visual Teams Book

David Sibbet's Visual Teams shows how to incorporate visuals across the whole arc of a team's productive life. Use visual communication to improve work processes and create a shared understanding of the big picture context. Cultivate innovative, high-performing teams that work like designers: experimenting, creating prototypes, using visualization to test ideas, and sharing mental models to communicate effectively. Equip your teams to create and sustain results, whether co-located or spread around the world.

Visual Teams is organized around the well-known Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model®, a "map" to creating and sustaining high performance in all kinds of teams. It includes best practices, cases, and many visual examples for handling each stage of the Model, along with in-depth descriptions of how to use the full suite of Team Performance tools.

Now available in five languages: English, Bahasa Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.

About the Author

DAVID SIBBET is a world leader in visual facilitation and process leadership. Founder of The Grove Consultants International, he is known globally for creating leading-edge process consulting tools for visualization, team performance, strategic visioning, and organizational transformation.

Reviewer Comments

“I've spent more than 30 years working with teams and facilitating meetings. Graphic tools from David Sibbet and his colleagues are my go-to resources and I'm thrilled to have so many available between two covers in this book. Using these strategies helps you get teams on the same page—literally—by making critical processes explicit and visible to the members. Visual Teams is packed with frameworks, illustrations and how-to's that you can use to take engagement out of the conceptual realm and into action." —Lisa Kimball, President, Plexus Institute

“I have learned so much from watching David Sibbet work on the big sheets of paper, in person, as an extraordinary graphic facilitator. Now in Visual Teams, he takes us 'behind the curtain' and reveals himself to be a master teacher also. With great generosity he shares decades of his own learning and wisdom, in an accessible and highly useful way. Every chapter gave me new things to try out with my clients. Most importantly,he gives the benefit of an over-arching context that empowers me as the facilitator, as well as the teams I work with." —Vanda Marlow

“David Sibbet is well-known as one of the great visual thinking masters of our time, a pioneer in group graphic methodologies designed to stimulate and energize teams as well as improve their productivity and help them get to good ideas and decisions faster. Watching David work with a group, it's hard to believe it's not magic. And it is magic! But with this book the magician takes you back stage and shows you how you can do it yourself. With a book like Visual Teams as your guide, and with a little practice, you may find yourself getting a reputation at work as a meeting magician." —David Gray

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The Grove's Team Performance Workshop is a three-day immersion in the essential visual tools and practices for creating and sustaining high-performing teams. Includes practitioner certification in the Drexler/Sibbet/Forrester Team Performance™ System and use of the Team Performance Survey.

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