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The ALL-PHASE team at Kaiser Permanente launched an initiative with dozens of community clinics to make a life-saving protocol available to uninsured and underserved at-risk patients. After the initial program launch, clinic staff reported that patient education about the protocol was proving challenging due to language and literacy barriers as well as limited staff.

To address this gap, Kaiser engaged The Grove to make a graphic recording movie about ALL-PHASE, Kaiser's treatment protocol that prevents heart attacks and strokes in diabetics age 55+. The ALL-PHASE team prepared a script that The Grove's Rachel Smith used to create a 5-minute informational video. English and Spanish versions are now educating patients at 85 participating community clinics, with nearly 100,000 community clinic patients using the treatment protocol nationwide. When patients take five minutes beforehand to view an introductory video, the basic information is covered, freeing health care providers to answer questions and address concerns that are specific to each person.

The English version of the ALL-PHASE graphic recording movie is embedded below. Click here to watch the Spanish version.

The ALL-PHASE video has been great for us. The video facilitates continued learning and engagement because it jump-starts a real conversation, not a one-way street of information sharing.

Coralie Chan

National ALL-PHASE Program Manager

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