Online Workshop: Designing & Leading Change with David Sibbet & Gisela Wendling


In this highly interactive online workshop, Grove Founder David Sibbet and Gisela Wendling, Ph.D., will share the Seven Challenges of Change Framework arising from decades of working with clients all over the world. They will provide an in-depth look at an approach to change work that integrates transformational processes with dialogic and visual best practices.

Participants are invited to bring a process-consulting challenge and will emerge with a process design and knowledge of a range of proven intervention methods that will lead to successful change. Everyone will also experience the direct benefit from dialogic engagement with the workshop leaders and among participants in this virtually and visually facilitated learning environment.

David brings 40 years of practitioner experience with complex processes in public, community and organizational settings. Gisela builds on her 25 years of practice and research with organization development, transformational learning, change, and dialogue. They will present work from the book, Visual Consulting: Designing & Leading Change, they co-authored for Wiley & Sons, published in 2018. Chapters of the book and additional materials will be provided digitally.

“This is one of the best Grove workshops I’ve been to,” a senior consultant attendee stated. “I’ve not seen any approach to supporting change that so successfully balances attention to both the inner and the outer process of change.”

Learning Online

Gisela and David will share tools and approaches they have developed over the last decade working in virtual meeting environments. The workshop will convene in Zoom. Participants will use Google Docs for wiki-like co-creation, and Mural for working with templates and sticky notes online. David will be using a tablet for additional visual-learning support. No prior online learning or virtual collaboration experience is required in order to take full advantage of what this workshop offers.


  • Work on a change challenge from your organization or client.
  • Learn how inner dynamics and outer structures combine to support system change.
  • Discover the power of integrating dialogic practices, visual facilitation, and change with use of self.
  • Learn about cutting-edge visual consulting practices to cultivate and harvest the momentum of change in a virtual environment.
  • Practice visual formats for creating strong process containers for change.
  • Learn about successful cases in both private and public sectors.
  • Experience deep sharing and new relationships with peers who can support you in an ongoing way.

Workshop Objectives

  • Learn the Seven Challenges of Change Framework as a guide to designing and leading organization and social change.
  • Appreciate the Liminal Pathways Framework to understand the basic pattern of transformational change, with a special focus on the challenging inner dynamics of change.
  • Learn and practice process mapping on- and offline by working with participant change challenges.
  • Develop a context map for a specific change consulting challenge.
  • Learn graphic practices for scoping client and stakeholder needs.
  • Understand how to organize and facilitate a process-design team. These especially lend themselves to online meetings.
  • Learn about ongoing contracting for goals, roles, and results.
  • Explore the role and diverse tasks of leaders of change.
  • Gain insight about how to support the momentum of change over a sustained period.
  • Throughout, learn and practice change leadership skills including listening, asking questions, increasing self-understanding, and working with creativity and uncertainty.

About the Presenters

This workshop is for you if:

  • • You are an organizational leader, visual practitioner, or facilitator seeking to deepen your practice in designing and facilitating organizational and social-change processes.
  • • You are a consultant with a process orientation wishing to use more visualization and work more virtually.
Dates Location
March 16-19, 2021 Online, 8:30am-1:30pm (PT)


$1,920 (with nonprofit discount)

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This workshop is a great balance of new material, learning together as a community, and application to participants' current work. It is especially helpful for leaders and facilitators who work across silos, either within and between organizations, or across sectors of the community.

Mike Dugas
Vision Creation Consulting

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