Visual Leaders:

New Tools for Visioning, Management, & Organization Change

Visual Leaders Book

Visual Leaders shows how leaders and managers can take full advantage of the visualization revolution. It explores seven essential tools that can vastly improve understanding and engagement across your organization: mental models, visual meetings, graphic templates, decision theaters, roadmaps, Storymaps®, and virtual visuals. Case studies demonstrate how visual practitioners and leaders use applied design thinking to foster engagement and align entire organizations on new plans.

Now available in six languages: English, Bahasa Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

About the Author

DAVID SIBBET is a world leader in visual facilitation and process leadership. Founder of The Grove Consultants International, he is known globally for creating leading-edge process consulting tools for visualization, team performance, strategic visioning, and organizational transformation.

Reviewer Comments

"This richly illustrated full-color book explains how to enable collaborative thinking, innovation, and planning. In my work as a facilitator, I have used David Sibbet's methods in many settings and organizations. Yet this book opened valuable new vistas for assisting leaders to focus the potential of their people on a common purpose." —Susan Berry

"How to handle the complexity and rapid change in modern companies and organizations? The most important answer is with visual tools that are adequate to the depth and breadth of our problems. The modern leader has to know how to address these challenges or be left behind by more nimble executives. How to achieve and manage this revolution in communication is covered in the fast-paced, example-packed book." —Robert Horn

"I have always been a big believer in systems thinking and visualization of data & concepts. Great ideas are far more likely to be acted upon if following a collaboratively developed picture of problems, solutions, and visions through the methods discussed in this book. I have been recommending this book to everyone I know whose goals include persuading and gaining buy-in to new ideas." —Sandy Stojkovski

"David Sibbet is masterful in the art of visual facilitation, and Visual Leaders is another testimony to his talent. With words and visuals he explains the tools effective leaders can use to create a legacy." —Daniel Moirao

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